Security and Safety at Reserve Limo

Ride with comfort and peace of mind with Reserve Limo.

At Reserve Limo, we have insurance coverage to help protect any accidents which could happen.

Late arrivals, lost or damaged luggage, and personal damage.

Peace of mind is guaranteed, but due to the advanced training and technology of all our experienced team members, we are yet to file a claim!

The physical premises at Reserve Limo are 100% secure 365 days a year!

Private security contractors, advanced security checks, and alarms monitored 24/7 help to ensure all confidential information is secure.

We hold all employees liable via strict confidentiality agreements.

All the systems at Reserve Limo are encrypted and secure.

Your data and details are protected around the clock by our experienced online security team.

We have USB access, and copy/paste disabled, 24/7 monitoring and secure firewalls.

At Reserve Limo, we ensure that all staff members and drivers undertake frequent random drug and alcohol tests.

All rest hours for drivers are monitored and strictly enforced.

All drivers comply with local driving license requirements. All our international drivers undertake quarterly police and licensing checks.

At Reserve Limo, we also undertake test drives frequently utilizing ‘ghost passengers’ to ensure all of our standards are being met.